Activities Bulletin
Activities Bulletin
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Welcome Mr. Mark Spencer’s visit to ALWAYS 2014-03-05
Halloween in ALWAYS 2013’ 2013-11-06
Making Mooncakes With Foreign English Teachers 2013-09-28
Sep. 23rd saw a vivacious trip in Mount.Tai. 2013-09-27
The 20th ALWAYS Training Camp 2013-07-29
A big-time in Four Gates Pagoda and Menya Scenic Area 2013-05-31
ALWAYS foreign affairs meeting 2013-05-02
ALWAYS Traveling in Spring 2013-05-02
The 2nd Jinan High-school English Teacher’s Spoken English Contest was held in A.. 2013-04-05
The 19th ALWAYS English Training Camp 2013-02-06
Fieldtrip in Inzone mall 2013-02-06
Exchange gifts 2013-02-06
Review of ALWAYS Christmas party 2013-02-06
Making cakes for mum 2013-01-19
Review of ALWAYS Easter party 2013-01-19
Halloween Party 2013-01-19

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